ProcedurX update 1.1

Releasing by the end of 2019, update 1.1 brings alot more power to ProcedurX. Procedural meshes are now supported, along textures and PBR materials. Many new operators have been added, including the ability to bake mesh albedo, depth and normals back to a texture.

Usability and interface clarity improvements have also been a big focus for this update, many of which were suggested by users. Thank you!

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ProcedurX v1.0 is live!

After several months of work, the first version of ProcedurX went live on the Unity Asset Store. It’s an editor extension that brings procedural textures and materials to the Unity Editor, as if it was a built in feature. I am so glad to share with everyone my latest project, and I can’t wait to expand upon it.

ProcedurX offers a node-based, non destructive workflow, similar to popular tools such as Substance Designer or Houdini, but directly integrated to Unity, and at a much more affordable price point. The PBR materials generated are plug-and-play with Unity’s standard PBR shaders.

Although no codding is required to use the tool, the high quality code base is included with the package, allowing you to add your own operators.

The asset can be purchased on the asset store, over here. For more info, please visit the product page.